If What You Are Doing Was Working
You Wouldn't Be Here.

F.A.Q. Section

How can I be sure this program will help me?

You may be generally unfit or simply unfit for the task of riding or very fit but not progressing as well as you'd like in your riding.  This program is easy to modify to suit all levels of fitness. It's main purpose is to make you aware of and improve your balance, suppleness and core-stability. This will in turn, carry over in to your riding.

What if I don't know how to swim?

There is no swimming in this program, just floating with a pool noodle and feet on the ground exercises.

What if I don't like deep water?

You don't have to go any deeper than your chest and many exercises can be done waist deep.

I'm not sure I have time?

The daily program is designed to take 21 minutes although you're welcome to spend longer on your favorite exercises or combine 3 days in 1 and work out twice a week.

What if I need more information during or after the 21 days?

We have a Facebook group to ask questions, discuss your progress and creative use of the water and find an accountability buddy. I am on there regularly to answer technical questions and cheer you on.

My family and friends think I'm nuts playing in the water!

That's okay, they're probably the same ones who say all you do is sit there while your horse does all the work. 

Horse whisperers work with horses.
But this course focuses on the other half of the equation...
and that's you, the rider.

See what some of our clients have to say:

"working through the exercises in the water, I can concentrate solely and safely on myself..."

"I have trouble just relaxing and following my horses big movement. It takes a lot of strength to just relax and follow. When I'm not strong enough, I hold my breath and brace myself instead of following the movement and then my horse braces and it gets harder to follow. I need the presence of mind and muscle tone to relax and control my horse. Equestrian Aquatics has done that for me. The breath practice has helped me become more present in my body. The body awareness, created by working through the exercises in the water, where I can concentrate solely and safely on myself has allowed me to develop the presence and muscle tone to ride my horse better."


"The 21 minute workout means I can be in and out of the pool in an hour..."

"I work on horses bodies, but my own suffers. I like that I can fit in a workout between clients horses. My job uses specific muscles and doing the Equestrian Aquatics program allows me to be more well rounded physically. The 21 minute workout means I can be in and out of the pool in an hour so even on a busy day I can fit one in at lunch time."

Dynamic Balance Equestrian
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