What is included in Your

"Equestrian Aquatics
Foundation Level Program?"

Life Time Access Includes:

21 Lessons

Each Lesson is about 21 minutes long to fit your busy lifestyle, but you're welcome to do extra.

You can also combine them and work for one hour every 3 days or work at your own pace as you have lifetime access to the program.

7 Modules

The Foundation Level program contains 7 modules that make it easy to target Your key areas and build your foundation from the ground up, to Start You Off Right.

The modules work on each of the following areas but will focus on one aspect. They are Balance, Suppleness, Lower Body, Upper Body, Core Stability, Full Body and Balance Re-visited​.

34 PDF Files

PDF transcripts accompany each lesson so you won't miss any details.
The exercises in this program are Suitable For All Levels of Fitness and All Disciplines.

Pool day will include a cheat sheet to take to the pool with you.


You get Lifetime Access to a Private Facebook Group page for on-going support, accountability buddies and sharing your course and horse related trials and triumphs.

136 Videos

There are individual video clips of each exercise so you can
Easily Review What You Need.

The first email of each module you will receive Five new or modified warm-ups.

The second email of each module you will receive Eleven new or modified exercises.

The third email of each module you will take what you learned to the pool and identify your current strengths and weaknesses while having fun!


You get Bonus Breathing Practices to Improve Your Focus and Awareness while staying both relaxed and toned.
A bonus Breath Practice PDF with supplementary information is included.

  1. Lifetime access to  Program
    • Includes 34 PDF Reports
    • 136 Individual Exercise Videos so it's easy to review
    • 3 Lessons in each of 7 modules
  2. Three Bonus Breath Awareness Practices                       $300
    • Breath Practice Audios
    • Detailed PDF Report
    • On-going Support through Facebook group      $300

    Total Overall Value   $2700 

    Coaches - Ask me how you can get an affiliate link to share with your students.

     Organizations - Ask me how the Equestrian Aquatics program can be used as a fundraiser.