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Although originally developed for riders this program is suitable for anyone who'd like to improve their Balance, Suppleness and Core- stability while having fun in a low impact setting.


For the aspiring rider who does not own a horse.

Cross-training between lessons to improve your communication.

When you can't ride due to weather or horse injury.

Why is Working In the Water Better?

Key Benefits

  • Exercises that you do on land such as planking and sit-ups are difficult and damaging if done wrong. The aquatic equivalents we introduce are easier due to the water's buoyancy. They can become more difficult as you progress with less risk of injury.
  • Maintaining balance in the dynamic environment simulates how riding challenges your body.
  • You don't have to think about controlling your horse so you can concentrate on what you feel. You develop subtle control of your own body and that will aid your horse.
  • Water supplies resistance depending on depth to vary the difficulty of the exercises.
  • There is time to focus on correct breathing which is easy to do sitting still and harder to do when moving.  It can be almost impossible to learn while riding so practicing while in the water allows it to become a habit.

Bonus Benefits

  • Even when you' are not doing an exercise you will be using core muscles to stabilize yourself.
  • Easy to cool off  and a lot of fun. Especially with friends.
  • When you lose your balance you get wet,
    not hurt.

There is nothing as invigorating as riding your beloved horse along a beach, through the waves, on a fresh summer's morning.
Yet few riders realise that water also holds the key to re-aligning and re-invigorating their own physical posture and well-being, which will lead to a deepening relationship and connection with their horse.

The Way to Improved Body Awareness, Suppleness,  Balance and Core Stability...

Join me for 21 days of instruction over 14 weeks and you will become more aware of your unique postural weaknesses and start to improve them.

What is included in Your

"Equestrian Aquatics
Foundation Level Program?"

Life Time Access Includes:

21 Lessons

Each Lesson is about 21 minutes long to fit your busy lifestyle, but you're welcome to do extra.

You can also combine them and work for one hour every 3 days or work at your own pace as you have lifetime access to the program.

7 Modules

The Foundation Level program contains 7 modules that make it easy to target Your key areas and build your foundation from the ground up, to Start You Off Right.

The modules work on each of the following areas but will focus on one aspect. They are Balance, Suppleness, Lower Body, Upper Body, Core Stability, Full Body and Balance Re-visited​.

34 PDF Files

A PDF file accompanies each lesson with both a summary and bonus supplementary information
Including modifications so the exercises in this program are Suitable For All Levels of Fitness
and All Disciplines.

Pool day will include a cheat sheet to take to the pool with you.


You get Lifetime Access to a Private Facebook Group page for on-going support, accountability buddies and sharing your course and horse related trials and triumphs.

136 Videos

There are individual video clips of each exercise so you can
Easily Review What You Need.

The first email of each module you will receive up to Five new or modified warm-ups.

The second email of each module you will receive up to Eleven new or modified exercises.

The third email of each module you will take what you learned to the pool and identify your current strengths and weaknesses while having fun!


You get Bonus Breathing Practices to Improve Your Focus and Awareness while staying both relaxed and toned.
A bonus Breath Practice PDF with supplementary information is included.

  1. Lifetime access to  Program
    • Includes 34 PDF Reports
    • 136 Individual Exercise Videos so it's easy to review
    • 3 Daily Lesson Videos bi-weekly for 14 weeks
  2. Bonus Breath Awareness Practices                       $300
    • Breath Practice Audios
    • Detailed PDF Report
    • On-going Support through Facebook group      $300

Total Overall Value   $2700 

See what some of our clients have to say:

"The 21 minute workout means I can be in and out of the pool in an hour..."

"I work on horses bodies, but my own suffers. I like that I can fit in a workout between clients horses. My job uses specific muscles and doing the Equestrian Aquatics program allows me to be more well rounded physically. The 21 minute workout means I can be in and out of the pool in an hour so even on a busy day I can fit one in at lunch time."

Dynamic Balance Equestrian
and Shorty

"working through the exercises in the water, I can concentrate solely and safely on myself..."

"I have trouble just relaxing and following my horses big movement. It takes a lot of strength to just relax and follow. When I'm not strong enough, I hold my breath and brace myself instead of following the movement and then my horse braces and it gets harder to follow. I need the presence of mind and muscle tone to relax and control my horse. Equestrian Aquatics has done that for me. The breath practice has helped me become more present in my body. The body awareness, created by working through the exercises in the water, where I can concentrate solely and safely on myself has allowed me to develop the presence and muscle tone to ride my horse better."


"I have noticed an improvement in balance, both on, and off my horse..."

`My mum tried for years to get me to remember to stand up straight and Trish accomplished this in 21 days. Thanks to this amazing programme, I became much more aware of the habits and unevenness of my body. I got very wet the first few days."

I have noticed an improvement in balance, both on, and off my horse.  This has resulted in a lighter, happier, straighter moving horse, and a less clumsy human!

It has been enlightening and tremendous fun and has become a regular activity."

Highfields Farm Manager

"The water immediately gives me feedback on my challenges that day, and really makes me aware of what I am feeling..."

I've signed up for exercise classes before but don't keep going. They are only offered at set times and if I don't feel like going or am busy, I miss them. Often they are working on things that don't benefit me as a rider. Often I end up sweaty and sore but don't notice any changes in my riding.

I love working with the Equestrian Aquatics program because there are things I can do at home if I don't feel like going out. When I do go out to the pool, it's at my convenience. The water immediately gives me feedback on my challenges that day and really makes me aware of what I am feeling. This is really important for riders that want to dance with their horse, as Trish would say.

The best part is that both my horse and myself can feel the difference in my body and I don't get sweaty exercising.

and Navarre

Horse whisperers work with horses.
But this course focuses on the other half of the equation...
and that's you, the rider.