2 More Videos with Food For Thought!

What do cars, circles and sweeping have to do with each other?

We know how important it is to keep our car in good shape. That when we apply the gas it will go where we point it and when we apply the brakes it will stop where we expect it to.
Sometimes we may have more air in one front tire or the front end alignment is incorrect and the car wants to drift to the side as it goes forwards or as we brake. We get this fixed because our life and the longevity of the car depends on it.

The same is true for our horse. We know that the back end should follow the front end. It's important the front end go where we point it. When it's not going where we told it to it's because the horse is falling out of alignment. No where is this more apparent than on the circle. Horses fall in or out and seem to have a hard time staying in the middle.

So what does this have to do with sweeping?   Have a look at this first video for the answer to the question.

What I learned from my Wheelbarrow!

In the day 11 email I mentioned to you that I had noticed I was not using my body evenly when pushing the wheelbarrow and today I thought, hey, we've got the camera going, lets grab a wheelbarrow and see what it looks like

The longer I am in the Equestrian Aquatics program the more I am noticing about my own body. The slight deviations and weaknesses that I need to work on.

In the horse world it's often said, "It's not If you'll fall off, it's When." 
Well as I get older I realize that applies to life, not just horses.

As you age it's not If You'll Fall, it's When, and How Hard.

Improved Balance

Increased Suppleness

Better Core Stability